Correct Horse Battery Staple

Excited to attempt this challenge, maybe even generate my new password out of it!

Programming Praxis

In his 936th xkcd comic strip, Randall Munro described what is wrong with common passwords and suggested a method of passphrase generation that is simpler to use and provides greater security. Unfortunately, I know of no popular websites that permit xkcd-style passphrases. I do still recall, however, the xkcd-style passphrase that CompuServe assigned me about twenty-five years ago (does anyone else remember upgrading from a 1200 baud modem to 9600 baud?)

Your task is to write an xkcd-style passphrase generator. When you are finished, you are welcome to read or run a suggested solution, or to post your own solution or discuss the exercise in the comments below.

The only hard part of this exercise is creating a word list, as standard system dictionaries include strange and uncommon words that wouldn’t work well. I found a list of the 5000 most common English words at English Club, removed…

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I am a computer programmer and currently a Junior majoring in the Real Time Interactive Simulation program at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Through the DigiPen core curriculum of programming and math I have proficient skills in C and C++. In addition to C and C++ and to further my knowledge of cross platform development, I am learning new languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and ActionScript. The skills I have acquired can be seen in the games I have developed in conjunction with other team members at DigiPen. You can view these games and get further information on this website. I am very passionate and committed to my profession. I am very interested in mobile app development, user interface, and optimization. I seek to learn as much as I can and apply my knowledge to any task at hand, I strive to be a generalist programmer that can adapt and solve any problem presented.

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